Year 7

  • Greetings
  • In school (school subjects/school rooms/opinions)
  • Family (physical & personality description of self and others/family members & pets)
  • My region and my town (description of region & town/places in town/weather)
  • At home (description of rooms in the house/description of bedroom/objects in house)
  • Free time (hobbies and what you do in your free time)

A Spanish speaker in the Design & Technology department is currently trialling the delivery of a food technology module in Spanish and English with some year 7 & 8 pupils. One of the aims of the module is to provide an insight into Spanish culture through the medium of food, the study of school meals and healthy eating. We are excited by the potential benefits and looking forward to developing the initiative further.

Year 8

  • Daily routine
  • Eating out (introduction of restaurant food/ordering food/opinions)
  • Shopping (introduction of different sorts of shops/shopping dialogues)
  • Health (introduction of parts of the body/illnesses/how to lead a healthy life)
  • What did you do (introduction of the Preterite tense: activities done in the past)
  • Clothes (introduction of clothes & materials/opinions and description of what you wear on what occasion)
  • Free time (sports & hobbies/likes and dislikes)
  • Food (food habit at home/what you (dis)like eating & drinking)

Year 9

  • My life (daily routine – in more depth - & opinions)
  • Holidays (describing present and past holidays – Preterite tense)
  • Festivities (descriptions of various festivities – Imperfect tense)
  • Future projects (jobs and future professional plans – Future and Conditional tenses)
  • Our world (discussing the environment: how to protect our environment)
  • Opinions (discussing films and tastes in films)

Year 10 & 11

In Years 10 and 11, all the above topics are revisited in much more depth.