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Sixth Form prospectus


Sixth Form  - Application Form

Welcome to our   Sixth Form prospectus which we hope will give you a feel for the exceptional Sixth Form education and experience that Dr Challoner’s High School offers. 

If you join Challoner’s Sixth Form we will help you to really believe in yourself.  We will expect you to work hard, but we will do our very best to prepare you so that you can do almost anything you want.  We want you to feel that you count – to know that you are special.  We aim to give you the confidence to dream big dreams and to be so well prepared that you can follow your dreams and make them happen.  Our tradition is built on girls being empowered to follow their own paths, without being swayed by gender stereotypes or unhelpful peer pressure.  

Dr Challoner’s High School has a long tradition of providing high quality education and a first class Sixth Form experience.  At the heart of this are the strong relationships between our highly experienced, approachable and passionate subject specialist teachers and their Sixth Form students.  Lessons are purposeful, enriching and rigorous but the Sixth Form is also characterised by a sense of fun that permeates all areas of school life.  This wonderful atmosphere leads to an inherent joy in the process of learning day-by-day and also to very high exam results.  Every year, over a half of all A Level grades are either A* or A grades.  The vast majority of students go to their first choice university, with about three quarters going to Russell Group universities including Oxford and Cambridge. 

Please see full prospectus and welcome from Mr Roe by clicking here Sixth Form prospectus  and Application Form

 Dr Challoner’s High School Permanently Increases Year 7 Entry to 180

Dr Challoner’s High School (DCHS) in Little Chalfont has increased its Year 7 (girls aged 11) intake to 180 on a permanent basis.   Following the successful expansion of the Year 7 intake this September to 180, we will continue to admit six classes (180 students) rather than the usual five (150 students).

The school has been heavily over-subscribed for many years but the additional class this September meant that all students who put the school as their first choice, and who passed the 11+ transfer test and lived in the school’s catchment, were able to get a place.  In addition, girls living a bit further away than the school’s previous typical reach of about six and a half miles also gained a place.

DCHS Headteacher, Alan Roe, says “DCHS aims to provide the best possible education for girls and it is a shame that we’ve had to turn students away in previous years when they have set their hearts on joining our school, so we’re delighted to be able to increase our intake permanently.  We are in an unusual position in that we have a number of underused classrooms and, with some repurposing and minor building work, can comfortably accommodate the additional girls.”

The increased numbers this year have meant girls living within approximately nine miles of the school secured a place versus a previous distance of around 6.5 miles. 

DCHS has an Open Evening on Thursday 22nd September from 6.00–9.00 pm.  We also have an Open Morning on Tuesday 27th September from 9.30-11.15 am.  More details can be obtained from the school. The school also welcomes visits from interested parents and their daughters at other times by arrangement.



 Dr Challoner's High is an exceptional school that builds good character and pursues quality without flinching.  We ensure that Challoner's girls are empowered with the skills, habits and attributes needed to thrive in the twenty-first century so that they may make significant contributions to society.

Challoner's has a strong tradition of academic excellence, usually placing in the top 50 in state school examination league tables.  We promote excellence in all endeavours whilst developing young people with big hearts and well-rounded characters.  In a fast changing world, traditional values of honesty, courtesy, courage, respect, hard work and generosity of spirit are as important now as ever.  Close behind academic excellence therefore is deep-enrichment in all its forms.

Our girls have the potential to help shape the coming decades and it is our mission to provide them with the best possible preparation, whilst also daily recognising that learning is inherently joyful. 

If you would like to find out more, please visit our online prospectus at www.challonershigh.com or by contacting the school at office@challonershigh.com

Alan Roe




Message from the Head Girl


I’m Evie, and I am unbelievably proud to be representing this school as the 53rd Head Girl.


A quote from Winston Churchill, ‘Never, never, never give up’ is my personal motto, and I will apply this to everything I do, from helping to organise many of our wonderful school events to improving links with the wider community.


I am so lucky to be working alongside an incredible team, within an incredible school. We are such a strong, supportive and unbelievably successful community; Challoner’s is renowned for its hardworking students and outstanding results - which is fantastic - but it is definitely not the whole story. Challoner’s girls are creative, innovative and resilient, and we aim to develop these aspects of our school even further over the coming year.


Our main goals are: more fun, for more funding, for more facilities, whether these be physical or pastoral, to ensure everybody gets the best out of their time here.


We are bursting with ideas to give every single student a louder voice, and encourage girls to have the confidence to do anything that they want to, be this setting up a club, sharing their talents or simply expressing their opinion.


We’re all in this together, and when you think about what we can do as a school if we all work together, it truly is incredible.


Evie Vennix

OFSTED Inspection Report 2012 

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